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Stuff the revolution, where's my £200?

The predictable adventures of me, Sir Manda Chicken-Pearface.

Miss Pear
3 August 1982
Probably about time this got an update...

Hello there. My internet monikers are varied and stupid, but you might know me as Amanda Prefect/Sir Manda Chicken-Pearface, depending on where you frequent. Or you may not know me at all, you poor/lucky thing (delete as appropriate). I'm currently meandering through my mid-twenties with a few ideas of what I want to do but without much motivation to do it. Advice, and metaphorical kicks up the bottom, are always appreciated. I'm of British-German extraction, and originally an Essex girl, but have acquired a location upgrade and now live in west London with my long-suffering primary partner and our hamster.

I'm an actor, darling (there is actually a law that you have to follow the word "actor" with the word "darling"), if I can call myself such without ever having actually done any, like, serious paid acting work. Well, I earned £25 doing youth theatre once, but that probably doesn't count. Seriously, I'm getting back into the acting game after spending several years out of it, and hopefully I'll make something of myself, even if it is a custard-splattered mess on a reunion of some kids' TV programme or other. (Actually, that sounds like fun...) I'm also a web designer, musician and chronic craftster. Any work in these areas would be welcome, thank you very much. (Do see if I have any crafty things for sale at my Etsy store, by the way!)

I'm PROBABLY what you'd call a fangirl, although I try to be sensible about it. Remember that little word "try", though... My main area of the fandom world is British comedy, and practically all of it. I have differing favourites at different times, but Britcom is my first and last love. I would love to be a part of it, but I'm deeply unfunny and can't write; still, maybe the thespian side will come into play in the future. I adore Mitchell & Webb in particular, and co-run the unofficial (but only!) forum dedicated to them, which you can find here.

Some of my other interests are rather niche, and probably seem a little bit weird to those caught off-guard by them - like the London Underground (especially the maps and what stations opened/closed and when), or old TV companies' logos and presentation (you'll never beat Thames Television and its wobbly skyline!), but if we all liked the same things then BOY, the world would be boring. To be honest, I'd rather know what year Dover Street station became Green Park* than who's the latest waste of blood and oxygen to be evicted from the Big Brother house, anyway.

Despite my sometimes brash online demeanour, I'm actually quite reserved in "real life", although you'll be surprised what barriers can be broken with diabetic cookies. :) My reservation doesn't extend to my clothing style, though, so let that be a warning... Also, my hair is purple and is likely to be for some time. Everyone has an "inner" hair colour - the colour their hair was meant to be - and purple is mine!

My journal is friends-locked due to my being a tad over-paranoid. I seldom - if ever - post in my journal anyway, but I do talk to other journallers and participate in communities, so all is not lost. I'm always interested in what others have to say; what I have to say is just somewhat duller sometimes! I like finding new people with a healthy - or even unhealthy - interest in British comedy especially, or any other similar interests.

Ta-ra for now, flowers...
A xx

*1933, if you care.


-Old School WLiiA is love-
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